Our Staff

Love INC’s ministries are largely executed by a dedicated network of volunteers. Here’s the people who oversee those ministries and ensure that volunteers are properly equipped to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Huntington County.


Erin Didion, Ministry Coordinator

Born Dayton, OH and raised in Huntington, Erin serves as our Ministry Coordinator, overseeing our Gap Ministries as well as our Comprehensive Transformational ministries. From coaching and encouraging advocates in Loving Neighbors to overseeing the Christmas Gift Shop, Erin ensures our ministries are carried out well.


Janet Troyer, Clearinghouse Coordinator

Janet has been leading up the Community Clearinghouse since 2011. She ensures that folks who call in are treated with kindness and dignity as their needs are examined, and leads our volunteers in doing likewise. Janet also manages the scheduling of appointments and the intake of new neighbors into our ministries.


Kelley Miller, Food Pantry Coordinator

Kelley has been with Love INC since 2016. Coming out of the nursing field, she brings a passion for personal and community health to her position. On top of managing the Community Food Pantry, Kelley also runs Cooking With Love and facilitates our partnership with Matthew 25.